Elite LM/VM Still

Elite LM/VM Reflux Still

Elite LM/VM still features ~200cm of SPP packed column, rubber insulated kettle with additional thermometer probe, LM precision valve and laboratory 0.06 resolution thermoemter with 2 probes. 

Data sheet

Column height (without kettle)205
Kettle capacity (standard)30l
Heating elementsTak, 2 x 2000W + regulator mocy (opcja do 4 x 2000W)

Price from 2 799,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 2 799,00 zł tax incl.

More info

The Elite Still- absolutely finest reflux still.

The Elite column is a highly recommended option for beginners who are looking for a reliable distillation apparatus that is easy to use and allows for the production of a wide range of spirits with excellent results.

The Elite still is tall, with a height of 200cm, and it offers a large packing height. This means that it is very forgiving and allows for a higher margin of error without compromising the quality of the distillate. The column is filled with high-quality prismatic packing, which ensure the production of neutral and smooth spirits with a strength of over 96% ABV, right from the start. These spirits do not require further processing, such as rectification, filtering, or additional treatment. You can use them for making liqueurs or enjoy them as pure spirits that surpass commercially available vodka in terms of quality. Whether you want to make plum brandy, calvados, or whisky, or if you have fruit juices or other raw materials to work with, the column will capture and preserve the flavors of the ingredients according to your preferences.

The Elite set comes with top-quality equipment, including precise temperature measurement at three points, a sight glass for observing the interior of the column, an insulated tank with two special ULWD heaters with a total power of 4000W. The distillate can be collected from three points: the LM system for flavored spirits with a precise Riegler valve, the VM system for vapor collection, and the OVM system (lower VM) located below the sight glass, which produces the purest distillate. If you're unfamiliar with these terms, don't worry. The set includes a comprehensive instruction manual that explains how to assemble, connect, and operate everything. You don't need any prior knowledge or experience. However, if you're interested, the set also includes a guide on yeast, fermentation, distillation, rectification, and aging of spirits—a compendium suitable for beginners and beyond.

The overall height of the set depends on the tank size: 240cm for a 30L tank, 260cm for a 50L tank, and 273cm for a 100L tank. If you need a few centimeters less, it's possible to exchange the keg for a shorter one of the same capacity free of charge. If you require more space-saving options, you can consider the Thor Elite version, which features a horizontal head design.

The standard set is equipped with two 2000W ULWD distilling heaters, designed to distribute heat evenly over a large surface area, making them suitable for even thick mashes, such as grain mashes. The set also includes a power regulator for the heaters. If you opt for a larger tank (e.g., 100L), you can increase the number of heaters to speed up the heating process. Additionally, if you prefer, you can purchase only the column without the tank (select "none" in the tank option) and connect it to an oil jacket tank for processing denser mashes, such as those made from grains. Popular sizes for oil jacket tanks are 50L and 120L, but larger ones are also available. The tank is insulated, so you won't risk getting burned, and it features an electronic LCD thermometer for monitoring the liquid's temperature. This way, you'll know how much alcohol remains in the tank and how much is left to distill. The set provides convenience with an additional inlet (for adding the mash without dismantling the column) and a convenient drain valve. You can adjust the size of the inlet and drain in the configurator. As a general rule, choose a larger inlet for thicker mashes, and similarly, larger drains are suitable for fruit mashes, while smaller ones work best for grain mashes.

Please note that the column is made of copper, which is known for its excellent heat conduction properties and its ability to remove unwanted impurities during distillation. Copper also adds to the aesthetics of the column. The column's cleaning process is straightforward and described in detail in the manual.

In summary, the Elite column is a versatile and user-friendly distillation apparatus that allows for the production of high-quality spirits. It comes with comprehensive equipment, clear instructions, and various customization options to suit your needs.


To sum up, The Elite Still set consist of:

  • Two SPP packed sections of the copper column, 100cm  and 96cm. 
  • Precise LM Riegler needle valve 
  • 30l keg-type kettle with two heating elements, 2000W each + elements covers, rubber insulation, 3/4” outlet and inlet with valve and cap and thermometer port (1/2”)
  • Power regulator and power cable (EU plug)
  • VM condenser with ball valve and PVC hose
  • Gaskets and screws
  • Tri-Clamp clamp with gasket
  • Top coil condenser
  • Kettle thermometer with 1/2” cap with probe
  • DS probe precise thermometer with two probes (1/2”)
  • Vizor elements
  • Printed manual (English)

The beginners set for home alcohol making enthusiast. 

85,00 zł

Silicon hose set for LM and VM takeoff

35,00 zł

Buffer helps maintain high take-off rate through all the process!

599,00 zł

Additional LM condenser for cooling your product f.e. for parrot. 

169,00 zł

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