Elite LM/VM Still

Elite LM/VM Reflux Still

Elite LM/VM still features ~200cm of SPP packed column, rubber insulated kettle with additional thermometer probe, LM precision valve and laboratory 0.06 resolution thermoemter with 2 probes. 

Data sheet

Column height (without kettle)205
Kettle capacity (standard)30l
Heating elementsTak, 2 x 2000W + regulator mocy (opcja do 4 x 2000W)

Price from 2 799,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 2 799,00 zł tax incl.

More info

The Elite Still- absolutely finest reflux still.

200cm height of the copper column designed for making excellent, pure ethanol & quality flavoured spirits. 

 Due to very long packing bed, the best choice for neutral spirits. 160cm of SPP- spiral prismatic packing guarantees neutral product with ABV above 96%. The still has double VM outlet- VM in the head and additional VM beneath it. It is scientifically proven, that lighter compounds, such as acetone , aldehydes, or ether tend to separate into more concentrated substances  in the top sections of packing during majority of the process, regardless of the foreshots collected at the beginning. Condensing vapor from beneath their level (with constant collecting lighter compounds form LM takeoff) will results in higher purity of the end product. Upper section of the column, above lower-VM takeoff, provides additional separation of the heads and traps them there, allowing you to collect them via very precise Riegler LM takeoff needle valve. 

Quality of the neutral product is so high you can use it straight away for making pure vodka, tinctures or herbs maceration. It does not require carbon filtration, nor chemical purification. We have chromatographs of the neutral product available on request, so do not hesitate to contact us:)


Of course, besides making neutral, it is still possible to use LM takoff to produce flavored spirits, such as whisky, brandy or even gin. Lm takeoff speed is- depending of the mash and heating power- up to 5l/h. For the neutral product is is up to 1.6l/h. LM precise needle valve has 7 full turns between fully open and fully close, so the takeoff can be adjusted to the very drop. 

Rubber insulated kettle made from stainless beer keg has a total capacity of 30l (~25l operational capacity), which may be upgraded to 50l (~45l operational) or 100l (~95l operational) and is equipped with two 2000W (230V) ULWD (Ultra Low Watt Density) elements. Heating power is evenly distributed over the large surface of the elements. Risk of burning is minimized, and you can boil even thicker mashes, such as light fruit pulp, wine with fruits or roughly filtered grain mash. Elements are equipped with power cords (EU plug) and the power regulator, so you can adjust the heating power to the mash you are using. Thicker the mash- lower the power. Simple as that, and very effective. Besides that, it’s equipped with additional inlet (3/4” with cap) and drain (also 3/4”, with ball valve). Inlet allows you to fill the kettle without dismantling the column, and drain helps get rid of the waste mash after the process. The thicker the mashes you planning to boil, the wider inlet/drain you should choose from the drop-down list at the top. For fruit pulps (such as plum mash for brandy or slivovitz) we recommend 2” drain, because thinner often get clogged with pits. Rubber foam helps save some energy during the process, and minimizes risk of accidental burning your leg ;) There is also an additional LCD thermometer in the kettle, with long probe for measuring the mash temperature. 

Below the Elite Still head there is a visor, which allows you to directly see the fluid level on packing and helps adjust the heating power. It helps prevent flooding of the packing, which is a phenomenon occurring when you apply too much heat. Looking through the vizor is not only beneficial for operational reasons and for process adjusting, but it is also quite relaxing:) 

Besides the thermometer in the kettle, temperature in the column is measured in two points- lower thermo probe is ~40cm from the kettle, and the top one is just below the visor section. Both reading are displayed at the LCD screen of precise thermometer. The resolution of the thermometer is 0.06C, and the probes are easy- replaceable DS18B20. 

Full column with top coil condenser is ~200cm, on the 30l kettle is  ~237cm, on the 50l kettle:  257cm and on the 100l it’s 263cm. The column is joined with the boiler with Tri -Clamp joint, easily operated with one hand and long-lasting. Two sections are joined with our flange systems (4 M8 screws), which is compatible with our add-ons (for aromatization, gin, etc). All of the add-ons, extensions and upgrade components are to find at Accessories section of our Store. All of the head joints are welded (TIG), and some of the minor joints are soldered (Cu3SN97, no lead). 

At he top of the column you put the top coil condenser, which is made from thin-wall copper pipe and has excellent heat-dispersing properties, so you only need 30-40l of cold water/hour.  Top condenser is plugged in-line with VM condenser for easy operation.

The Elite Still may be equipped with e-ARC electronic controller with single solenoid valve or more sophisticated SKN controller with two solenoid valves (for heads and cooling water) and one motorized valve for VM takeoff. If you want to add the SKN controller you need to but the SKN- preparation service, which includes additional ports for probes and mounting accessories and extensions for the controller.

Another upgrade available is the stabilization buffer, a 4-inch diameter section between the kettle and the lower part of the column. It accumulates excess alcohol at the beginning of the process, when vapor is rich in ethanol, and enriches poor in alcohol vapor at the process finish, thus increases average takeoff speed and traps the tails inside. Tails may be disposed via a buffer drain at it’s bottom after the process.  

Here is the video manual for the Elite Still:


To sum up, The Elite Still set consist of:

  • Two SPP packed sections of the copper column, 100cm  and 96cm. 
  • Precise LM Riegler needle valve 
  • 30l keg-type kettle with two heating elements, 2000W each + elements covers, rubber insulation, 3/4” outlet and inlet with valve and cap and thermometer port (1/2”)
  • Power regulator and power cable (EU plug)
  • VM condenser with ball valve and PVC hose
  • Gaskets and screws
  • Tri-Clamp clamp with gasket
  • Top coil condenser
  • Kettle thermometer with 1/2” cap with probe
  • DS probe precise thermometer with two probes (1/2”)
  • Vizor elements
  • Printed manual (English)

The beginners set for home alcohol making enthusiast. 

85,00 zł

Silicon hose set for LM and VM takeoff

35,00 zł

Buffer helps maintain high take-off rate through all the process!

599,00 zł

Additional LM condenser for cooling your product f.e. for parrot. 

169,00 zł

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