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Prime Still

Price from 6 500,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 6 500,00 zł tax incl.

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The Prime 108mm packed rectification still was created for those whose large needs were limited by lack of free time. Thanks to its enormous efficiency, it allows you to obtain a large amount of ultra pure product  (over 96% ABV) at a dizzying pace (over 6l per hour!). 


Quality does not compromise - that's why the set has a large visor, the best SPP (Spiral Prismatic Packing) on the market (over 13 liters of it!), the best Riegler precision valve, and a thermometer with resolution up to the second decimal place. The column has two temperature measurement points - in the bottom part and under the head. The sight glass type can be chosen – either our classic Elite visor (marine style, 8 screws) or a modern SS sight glass (with one SS cap).



Two powerful condensers (top and VM) mean that water consumption is reasonable and the product does not generate any unpleasant odors in the room.


The column is sold without a boiler, which should be selected to the basket seperately. We recommend tanks min. 100l (which gives about 13l of the finished product), optimally 225l or 445l - respectively 25 and 50l of the 96% product.. If you want to use grains or fruits in the batches, we recommend a 100l oil jacketed boilers. The tank should be equipped with at least 6kW heating elements. The issues of filling, draining and warming depend on the specific purpose - all you choose in the configurators on the product cards of the tanks.



Links to boiler product carts:




100l flat container




225l flat container




100l oil jacketed kettle




100l mirror- polished tank, with oil jacket and the option to set up the agitator





The column itself is 200cm high, 108mm in diameter and connected by convenient Tri-Clamp connectors. Thanks to this, its modular construction allows for shortening (to fruit and grain distillates) and lengthening the structure, adding elements (spherical foam dispersor, aromatizer) and easy transport in elements. After unfolding the longest element is about 100cm.



The operation of the still is very simple, you have to operate one reception valve. Of course, it can be automated - a simple e-ARC controller which monitors the temperature and sets the take off to it, but requires manual reception of the first and final fractions or SKN controller automation, which after the initial setting runs the rest of the process by itself.



The set includes:




- two parts of the 108mm still


- top condenser


- sight glass elements




- Tri-Clamp connectors with gaskets


- VM condenser and VM valve


- LM precision valve


- thermometer with DS probes


The column can be equipped with a LM cooler with a parrot - it allows you to work comfortably with flavor spirits - brandy, grain and fruit distillates.

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