Copper pot-stills.


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Parrot- a dynamic alcoholometer. 

100,00 zł

Packed section extension for our pot-stills and reflux stills. 

150,00 zł

Flavoring/ aromatization add-on for our 54mm pot-still. 

239,00 zł

Reflux add-on for pot-stills with 4-bolt flanges. 

259,00 zł

Micro pot-still for pressure cookers or other small boilers. 

280,00 zł

Copper pot-stills attachment for use with our reflux stills. 

479,00 zł

Liquid Management reflux head for upgrading your pot-still to a reflux still. 

699,00 zł

Simple pot-still on 30l kettle.  

790,00 zł
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