Mikro pot-still

Micro pot-still

Micro pot-still for pressure cookers or other small boilers. 

Data sheet

Column height (without kettle)60cm

Price from 300,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 300,00 zł tax incl.

More info

Copper Micro Pot-still is a small home still for making flavoured spirits, whisky, brandy and great moonshine. You can distill fruit wines, water, brandy and even tinctures or refine plant extracts.

Stainless boiler (pressure cooker) has a large, completely removable lid for easily filling (even with thicker mashes) and complex cleaning. It can be heated on gas stoves, induction and electric cooktops, fire and pretty much anything, that provides heat.

Packed 60cm copper dephlegmator and 40cm condenser guarantess high quaility of your distilled product, without suplhuric or metallic odours. Standard packing are stainless scrubbers, you could choose SPP (spiral prismatic packing) as well from the drop down menus at the top. Stainless SPP doubles your proof (max. 93% ABV) and offers astonishing distillation speed (up to 4l per hour). The diameter of dephlegmator and liebig condenser is 28mm.

The still and the pressure cooker may be connected with 1/2” threaded lead-free joint.

Water is connected by garden hose, with clamp-on fitting ( 1/2” fitting is included) and water outlet is 8mm copper tube. PCV 8mm tube is avaliable in Accessories page of our store. Water consumption is low, with 1500W heating power water consumption is ~40-50l per hour.

At the top of the copper dephlegmator there is 1/2” cap with thermometer probe. Of course, electronic LCD thermometer and battery are also included.

Every set comes with a user manual written in a way even the unexperienced user can understand. Photos and diagrams helps with setting and operating the still. Operating itself is dead easy.

Small cosmetic differences may occur as each one of these stills is custom built.

Parrot- a dynamic alcoholometer. 

110,00 zł

The beginners set for home alcohol making enthusiast. 

85,00 zł

PVC 8mm tube for cooling water.

4,50 zł

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