Thor 76mm Reflux Still

Thor 76mm Reflux Still

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The Thor 76mm copper still is a development of our best-selling Thor Elite, but has a larger diameter (76mm) for better performance and an extra-large SMS sight. It is equipped with receiving systems: LM (with Riegler precision valve) to receive flavored distillates and VM system to obtain 96% pure product.

The still is 150cm or 170cm high (choose from the drop-down lists at the top), 76mm in diameter and is composed by default with a 50l boiler, which can be switched for 100l one. The larger than standard diameter ensures a very high rate of distillate collection, and because of the large height of the prismatic packing (SPP) bed the quality remains consistently high, exceeding 96%. The SMS sight glass is very convenient to install and its large diameter provides an overview of the column at each stage of the process. This allows the heating power to be matched to the specific charge each time, achieving maximum efficiency.

For the production of 96% spirit with 6kW of power you have a takeoff of about 3 liters per hour (for a 15% mash).

For the production of flavoured spirits and stripping with the LM system, the takeoff can be even higher, depending directly on the applied heating power. For the production of flavoured spirits (fruit distillates: calvados, brandy, grappa; grain distillates: whisky, bourbon, starka) it is advisable to order from the drop-down lists in the top menu the additional option of a LM cooler screwed directly into the precise valve, for which you can also choose a dynamic aerometer, the so-called Parrot, for continuous measurement of the strength of the distillate obtained. This Parrot is connected to the cooler by a Tri-Clamp. Thanks to the condenser in the Parrot, we can measure the power of the distillate immediately at the calibration temperature of the alcohol meter, so we always get an unadulterated result. Without the condenser you have to correct for the temperature of the distillate - hot distillate overestimates the reading.

50l boiler (beer keg) is equipped with an additional inlet, drain and LCD thermometer. The diameter of the inlet and the drain (default 3/4") can be enlarged: the denser the batches will be processed, the larger diameter we recommend. The tank is heated with ULWD heaters with low power density (less than 8W/cm^2), which makes it possible to heat wines with fruit or light grain mash without the need for an oil jacketed boiler. The power of the heaters is regulated with the included regulator. The number of heaters can be modified in the menu at the top, the default is two elements at ~2000W each. Optimal operation of the column requires a power of about 6kW. The boiler is insulated with foam rubber to reduce energy costs and for safety - you can not accidentally burn yourself on the insulated tank. Tank capacity can be increased to 100l- larger tanks are of course also available, feel free to contact us. Warming up the tanks takes:

Keg 50l (47l liquid): 52 minutes (2x~2kW) or 34 minutes (3x~2kW)

Keg 100l (95l of liquid): 70 minutes (3x~2kW) or 55 minutes (4x~2kW)

The "T" shaped head contains several meters of highly efficient condenser, ensuring low water consumption throughout the process. Water is connected to the system through the VM cooler's quick coupler, and from there travels to the top condenser in the head. From the head, water exits the system via a second fitting. The head has an independent venting, which ensures pressure-free operation of the entire column.

The set is equipped with a two-point thermometer with DS probes, measuring the temperature in the still in two points - at the bottom and under the head. The resolution of the thermometer (to two decimal places) provides maximum control of the process even for inexperienced users. The column can be fitted with an automation controller:

In a basic version: e-ARC- requires manual setting of heating power and collection of heads, then taking control of the process.

In a more advanced version, for the advanced: SKN V5 controller - controls the heating power, flooding, collection of heads and hearts, controls the cooling water supply and switches off the column in case of failure (lack of cooling water) or end of process. This is the most sophisticated rectification column controller available on the market, recommended for experienced users - we do not recommend it for beginners due to the multitude of settings. It has English menu as well. 

Both options can be selected from the drop-down lists at the top of the product sheet.

The standard set includes:

50l tank, with inlet, drain (3/4"), LCD thermometer with long probe and two ULWD ~2000W heaters
Heater power regulator
Thermometer with two DS probes
Two column segments filled with KO prismatic springs
Precision valve LM
VM system cooler
Tri-Clamp clamps

Tri-Clamp clamps for column and tank connections

SMS sight glass elements
Hose connecting the OVM coolers to the head
Quick connectors for water connection

The height of the set on the 50l tank is ~205cm (150cm column) or 225cm in the case of the 170cm column. On a 100l tank these heights are 213cm and 233cm respectively.

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