Bufor wzmacniający

Stabilizing buffer

Buffer helps maintain high take-off rate through all the process!

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Price from 599,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 599,00 zł tax incl.

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The buffer installed between the boiler and the reflux still is designed to accumulate the high alcohol content reflux at the beginning of the process and enrich the poor alcohol content vapor at the end, when its drops due to end of alcohol in the boiler. 

We only use it for rectification - we do not install it with pot-stills or plate column (it stops aromas of flavor products) - we use it only with neutral spirit.

Thanks to the buffer you can maintain a higher take-off rate, especially in the final part of the process. Instead of "remaking" low alcohol vapor from the boiler, the column works more effectively, because the vapor is enriched with alcohol from the buffer, accumulated there at the beginning of the process.

Thanks to the work with the high alcohol vapor, we are bypassing the problem of stretching the height of the theoretical plate (HETP) at the end of the process, which in consequence results in a better quality of the distillate.

The column works with the maximum possible resolution.

The outer diameter of the buffer is ~ 110mm. The standard buffer height is 37cm, but this value can be modified. In the case of drastic shortening, other pipe diameters are used, so that the buffer capacity and important cross-sections are properly selected for the specific equipment.

Inside there is smaller diameter section filled with SPP. A deflector is placed above it, which does not allow reflux to fall from the column directly into the tank, directing it to the buffer space. After exceeding its volume, the reflux is returned to the boiler

The buffer can have a 1/2 "port with a LCD thermometer to measure the liquid temperature. After completion of the process, the buffer can be conveniently emptied through the valve located at the bottom. The brass valve is soldered as standard, optionally the ball valve can be screwed into a 1/4 "thread.

The buffer is attached to the tank with the Tri-Clamp connector (fits 99% of kegs on the market). The connection with the column is also a Tri-Clamp connection as standard. Seals are in the set.

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