Chłodniczka LM (OLM)

LM condenser

Additional LM condenser for cooling your product f.e. for parrot. 

Price from 169,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 169,00 zł tax incl.

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A special, a dditional condenser mounted to the LM receiving valve. Sold in two versions - for mounting in columns with simple brass valve (Terra and Basic) and for columns with ¼ "Riegler valve (Premium, Elite, Thor Elite).

Thanks to the water channels inside it is very cost efficient. It is connected to the water circuit, between the output of the VM cooler and the top coil condenser.

LM cooler allows to cool the warm product received from the LM system. By cooling to 20 ° C, the product can be directed directly to the parrot and its measurement would not be affected by an over-heat distortion error. By cooling the product, we also reduce the odors in the room.

The inlet of the condenser is designed for fitting silicone hose or ¼ "nipple (for screwing into a Riegler  precise valve). The outlet of the chilled distillate has the same diameter (15mm) as the output of the VM cooler (OVM), so the standard silicone hoses from our Store will fit there too.

Available options (mounting accessories) are:

    • No accessories

    • Simple brass valve accessories (Terra and Basic models) - silicone hose for connection and pipe clamp for mounting on the still.

  •  ¼ "threaded valve installation - for the Premium, Prime, Elite and Thor Elite models. 90 and 45 degree knee are also avaliable.  

Parrot- a dynamic alcoholometer. 

110,00 zł

Silicon hose set for LM and VM takeoff

35,00 zł

PVC 8mm tube for cooling water.

4,50 zł

End ferrule for plate still condenser

39,00 zł

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