Destylator prosty pot-still


Simple pot-still on 30l kettle.  

Data sheet

Column height (without kettle)80
Kettle capacity (standard)30l

Price from 819,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 819,00 zł tax incl.

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The basic pot-still for aromatic alcohol beverages and moonshine. 

Designed for those who like traditional moonshine and the smell and aroma of used ingredients, like herbs, fruits and grains. Best for whisky, cognac, brandy, calvados and gin. 

Irreplaceable for stipping runs. 

Consist of 30l stainless steel kettle with electrical heating element. The deflegmator- straight copper 54mm diameter pipe is packed with scrubbers (SPP may be selected). On top there is LCD 0,1C resolution thermometr in 1/2" threaded port. The condenser is 40cm Liebig, angled ~15%, co that outlet is exceding the kettle (for easy collection, you can use a bottle). 

With extension flanges you are able to add another packed segment, a reflux attachment, an aroma add-on or even ful reflux column head. 

Copper is the traditional material used in commercial still construction for a variety of reasons: 

    1. Copper catalyses the breakdown of esters and sulphuric compounds in the steam vapors.  These volatile compounds are produced during the fermentation process and are highly undesirable in the distilled spirit. 

  1. Copper avoids the production of ethyl carbamate (urethane) which is a toxic substance, possibly carcinogenic to humans, formed from cyanides.  Again these are nasty chemicals you don't want in beverage spirits.
  2. Copper is a great conductor of heat.  This allows for good natural reflux production in a still column as well as very efficient condensers.
  3. Copper improves the aroma of the final product.

Each of our copper stills are handcrafted and custom designed to deliver the pure ethanol or other spirits you’re looking for. We have many years of experience and dozens of satisfied customers all over Europe.

Parrot- a dynamic alcoholometer. 

110,00 zł

Packed section extension for our pot-stills and reflux stills. 

165,00 zł

PVC 8mm tube for cooling water.

4,50 zł

Reflux add-on for pot-stills with 4-bolt flanges. 

279,00 zł

Liquid Management reflux head for upgrading your pot-still to a reflux still. 

699,00 zł

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