Destylator prosty pot-still


Simple pot-still on 30l kettle.  

Data sheet

Column height (without kettle)80
Kettle capacity (standard)30l

Price from 819,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 819,00 zł tax incl.

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Copper pot- still distillation unit with a deflegmator and a staright condenser. The set includes a removable packingfor the deflegmator (vertical tube) and an LCD thermometer. The kit is designed to fit a 30L keg, which can be easily attached using a convenient Tri-Clamp connection. You can choose between a gas heating set (without heating elements), a set with a ~2kW heating element (with a heating power regulator), or a set with two heating elements. Please note that the tank size, equipment, and heating method can be modified using the drop-down menus on the top right side of the product card. If you wish to purchase just the distiller or combine it with an oil jacketed tank, select "None" from the tank selection drop-down menu and configure the tank separately under the boilers category.

This pot still is perfect for those interested in producing flavorful spirits such as grain whiskey, aromatic calvados, plum brandy, or flavorful gin. It also allows for the production of flavored alcohols through redistilling alcohol previously macerated with fruits or herbs, or by using an aroma attachment.

The simple distillation apparatus is also suitable for producing a stripp, which is raw alcohol intended for rectification on a column. By performing a stripping run, you can quickly reduce a large volume of prepared mashes or worts (up to 8L/h) and then subject the raw alcohol to rectification on a reflux still.

Cooling water is connected via a quick coupling at the bottom of the condenser, and the water exits through the upper outlet of the condenser. The top of the apparatus is equipped with a 1/2" thermometer port and an electronic thermometer with an LCD display.

If you plan to distill thick mashes, such as grain or fruit mashes, there is an option to equip the set with an oil jacketed tank. This allows you to safely cook even very dense mashes with whole fruits, pulp, or grain mash, without the risk of scorching.

For electric heating, the tank is equipped with a heating element and a power regulator, allowing you to adjust the heating power according to the specific mash. By controlling the heating power, you indirectly control the vaporization rate, which is an essential parameter in simple distillation. The heating elements used are ULWD (ultra-low watt density) elements, with only 8W of power per square centimeter. The tank can also be adapted for gas heating (without heating elements). However, we recommend choosing the electric heating option. You can find more information on why electric heating is preferable by clicking here.

The copper pot still distiller is an excellent alternative to an alembic, as it operates on the same principle but includes additional features often lacking in alembics, such as electric heating, packing, and a precise thermometer. It also offers the possibility of expansion into new functionalities.

By selecting the additional flange option for expansion, the still is divided at the top of the vertical deflegmator wit a flange connection, allowing for the expansion of the pot still into a reflux still (e.g., Basic) by purchasing only the column head with a flange. The flanges in all our products are identical, so you can add any head from our range or an extension available in the store.

Feel free to check out our article on the possibilities of expanding the pot-still.

The standard set includes:

  • 30L keg-type boiler (modifiable by selecting options available from the drop-down menu at the top)
  • pot-still distiller: deflegmator and condenser
  • packing material for the deflegmator (typically scrubbers, can be changed to Henitom SPP (prismatic springs))
  • Water connection fitting
  • LCD thermometer with a 1/2" threaded probe
  • Tri-Clamp clamp for connecting the distiller to the tank
  • Tri-Clamp gasket

Water hoses are not included in the set as each person may require a different length. They can be purchased separately as complete sets or by the meter.

A video with pot-still:

Video of using the reflux add-on:

Parrot- a dynamic alcoholometer. 

110,00 zł

Packed section extension for our pot-stills and reflux stills. 

165,00 zł

PVC 8mm tube for cooling water.

4,50 zł

Reflux add-on for pot-stills with 4-bolt flanges. 

359,00 zł

Liquid Management reflux head for upgrading your pot-still to a reflux still. 

699,00 zł

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