Zbiornik z płszaczem olejowym

Oil jacketed 50l keg type kettle

Oil jacketed 50l keg type kettle. 

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Price from 1 099,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 1 099,00 zł tax incl.

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Keg type oil jacketed kettle, build by wrapping a 50l DIN type keg into an EURO type keg.

Between two boilers there is an oil (or food grade propylene glycol), which distributes heat evenly around inneg keg. Allows you to to provide gentle heat without hot spots, boil even very thick mashes, such as all-grain mash, fruit pulp or unfiltrated whisky mash.

Oil is heated by an electric element (recommended) or gas burner. Of course jacket is open at the top, to exclude the risk of explosion or pressure rise. Heating medium has it’s own inlet and outlet (1/2” or 3/4”) on the outside boiler, and you can choose addtional inlet/outlets for the inside boiler. We recoomend at least 2” drain for thick mashes, to gently pour it after the process without clogging. Inlet size depend on what you are going to boil- the thicker, the bigger you should choose. 90% customers prefers 4” Tri-Clamp inlet.

Kettle could be insulated with a rubber foamcertified up to 200C, it reduces the heating power consumption. If you plan to use gas burner, do not order insulation as it is not flame-resistent.

Total capacity of inner boiler is 50l, the jacket capacity is ~15l.

Due to long que for oil-jacketed boilers waiting time is extended to 14 bussiness days.

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