Wypełnienie pryzmatyczne nierdzewne 0,5l

Spiral prismatic packing

Stainless SPP. 

Price: 60,00 zł tax incl.

More info

  1. SPP material: stainless wire 1.4307
  2. specific weight: 700-800 g/dm3
  3. spiral lenght: 3.8-4.2mm
  4. spiral width: 4-4.2mm
  5. wire diamter: 0.25mm
  6. maximum heating load: 110-130 W/cm2
  7. HETP : 20-25mm (depending on reflux ratio and heating power)
  8. P/V parameter: 1.7-1.9 m2/1dm3

Best SPP (spiral prismatic packing) on Polish market, sold worldwide. Great quality with no oil residue- ready to use. 

For quantities over 4l wire supports are included. These guarantee the best vapor flow rate. 

1pc= 500ml of SPP. 

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