Plate column

Plate column

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A plate still is an essence of all this that is delivered by the process of distillation and rectification. The entire process takes place in front of the operator's eyes, on sieve plates which are visible through visors on every segment. Above the plate segments (whose number can be easily modified) there is installed a pipe dephlegmator (also called a Shotgun condenser) of a large capacity. Every plate is equipped with a siphoned run-off, in other words, a downcomer.

The column is designated for producing magnificent gustatory, fruit and grain spirits. The best whisky, brandy or wines are produced on the plate columns. Once the number of plates is increased, you can receive pure alcohol (such as delicious rye or wheat neutral spirit) without any problems. Thanks to a very large diameter, (108mm) the column capacity is stunning and depending on the heating power, it can amount to a few litres per hour.


Each plate segment with the diameter of 108mm (4 inches) is made of copper, whereas the combinations of particular elements are ensured by Tri-Clamp joints. The type of a visor depends on the user's taste- you can either select our classical marine -style lead- free brass visors (such as in Elite/ Thor Elite columns) or modern SMS visor made of SS steel.  An enormous surface of copper provides the top quality taste values without any sulfur taste. Large diameter of visor glass guarantees the ideal control and incredible views during the process.  

Still is made of food-grade materials only: copper, lead-free brass and stailess steel. It easily passes every required certifiaction in distilleries around the world. We've already supplied the plate still to a hundreds of home and proffesional users. Distilleries using our plate still won a few major medals on spirit competitions around the world! 

At the top of the still is 54mm- diameter arch with the thermometer port in its top part and Liebig basic condenser of an amazing capacity (water usage is very small). The condenser is also connected with the Tri- Clamp joint. Optionally it can be equipped with a dynamic aerometer (also called 'a parrot') at its end. The alcoholometer (could be bought seprately HERE) is used for the constant measurement of the distillate percentage. Water circuits for a shotgun dephlegmator and Liebig condenser are separated by a tee with valves (tee and valve are included in the set).


The attached LCD thermometer (with the resolution to two decimal places) is equipped with two probes- the first one is short and intended for the assembly at the top and process control while the second one is longer and used for mounting into the boiler and measuring the mash temperature - for an easy reading at what process stage we are.

The set includes:

  • 4 column segments with sieve plates and visors
  • 5 Tri-Clamp 4” joints with seals
  • Shotgun dephlegmator (top condenser)
  • An accurate thermometer with the resolution to two decimal places and with two temperature measurement points (top + boiler)
  • A top bow with the Liebig condenser and the temperature measurement point
  • A tee separating the water flow into the Liebig condenser and Shotgun condenser
  • Illustrated instructions of how to connect and operate the equipment

It goes without saying that the suggested four-plate configuration is only exemplary- the still will by all means handle a higher or smaller number of plates. The more there are the plates, the greater the purification, but also fewer valuable aromas. Additional plates can be bought here.


It is possible to mount the column on every boiler equipped with 4” Tri- Clamp filler. Our shop also provides special reductions to standard beer kegs (can be selected from the unfolding lists at the top) as well as thorough and ready boilers in any configuration. The boiler does not constitute a part of the plate column set, thus it can be bought separately. The boilers available in our shop include:


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We offer several standards of column finishing:

  • standard polishing, 
  • high- gloss polishing + chemical surface protection 
  • high- gloss electropolishing + electrochemical surface protection


Electropolishing extends the equipment delivery time up to 21 working days.


 The video demonstrating how the still operates:


Oil jacketed 50l keg type kettle. 

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Single sieve plate section. 

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4" Aroma section for plate columns

359,00 zł

4" cleaning segment for plate still.

399,00 zł

Spherical copper top

869,00 zł