We ship internatio nally with FedEX, DHL , DPD, GLS and U PS.    

The cost of shipping is based on buyer's addresses and is calculated individually. Shipping in Poland is free with orders >500PLN. 

We accept wire transfers and PayPal. We provide SWIFT/ IBAN bank code and international account number. Our bank is PKO BP.   

Typically it takes up to 20  business days to produce a still, accessories are shipped within 3 business days. Mostly our stills are shipped in two boxes: one is for still (typically 100x25x25cm), the second one is for kettle and accessories (typically 60x40x40cm). Everything is secured with packing foam and bubble wrap, boxes are wrapped in the black stretch and have no markings about their contents. 

Stills or kettles exceeding the dimensions of our boxes could be shipped on a wooden palett. 

Pallet shipping to UK and Irleand: Currently no carrier allows for palett shipping for home/private address. If you are planning to order a large boiler or large still with palett shipping, be sure to provide corporate/ business address with active EORI number. 

Typically shipping costs for two packages are:

-UK ~400PLN

-DE ~150PLN

-NO ~700PLN

-IE ~220PLN

-ESP ~220PLN

-IT ~220PLN

-SE ~250PLN

Each order has a VAT invoice or fiscal receipt. If VAT 0% is applicable (shipping outside EU) we return the VAT if the order was paid with polish (23%) tax. The customer is obliged to pay VAT domestically (typically to the shipping company).