System E-ARC

E-ARC controller


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E-ARC, as for Automated Reflux Control, consists of solenoid valve and thermoregulator. Probe is measuring the temperature in the packing and regulator is reacting to its possible changes by closing and opening the solenoid valve at the VM or LM take off.

This system allows for fully automatic operation of the still- you do not need to spend time operating it, because the entire hearts collection - until virtually all alcohol is recovered from the boiler - regulates itself. We only perform manual stabilization and heads collection, after which we program the stabilization temperature on a given day in the E-ARC controller.

The operation of the controller is reduced to three buttons, and the programming of the thermoregulator takes only a few seconds.

The resolution of the thermoregulator is 0.1C, and the hysteresis - 0.0C, which means that each temperature change causes the effect of opening or closing the takeoff valve.

The system is powered by 230V.

The kit includes:

- controller

- solenoid valve

- user manual

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