Kolumna AAbratek

Kolumna AAbratek

Data sheet

Column height (without kettle)148
Heating elements2x2000W (łącznie 4000W) + regulator

Price from 2 500,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 2 500,00 zł tax incl.

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AAbratek still, ideal for users with limited headspace in the room.If you do not have a limitation in room height-choose the Premium model.

On this column you will easily produce:

  • odorless, 96% spirit for pure vodka and liqueurs
  • the distillate from wines and fruits (plum brandy, brandy, cognacs)
  • aromatic grain distillates (starka, whiskey)

Very easy and intuitive operation- thanks to the simple instructions with photos you will easily assemble and start the equipment, even if this is your first contact with this type of device.

Thanks to the sight glass you know exactly what is happening with the column. You can see its behavior on the video on our Youtube channel.

The column has different distillate takeoff systems:

  • LM system- a small valve in the head for fruit distillates and foreshots collection
  • VM system- neutral spirit vapor takeoff system

Not sure what these abbreviations refer to? We explain them here.

The kit comes with a 30L, insulated boiler. Pour about 25-27l into it and you will get on average:

  • 3.5l of 96% spirit
  • ~7l of flavored distillate (whiskey, plum brandy, calvados, etc.).

If you choose a 50l boiler, you will get:

  • 5.5l of 96% spirit
  • ~10l of flavored distillate (whisky, plum brandy, calvados, etc.).

The boiler is equipped with two ULWD (ultra-low power density) heating elements. Each of them has a power output of ~2000W, giving a total of ~4000W of power. Thanks to their large surface area, allow you to heat even the denser stuff-e.g. wines with fruit-without the need for prior filtration.

You will heat a full tank at full power of 4kW in about 25 minutes. After that, the operating power is about 2.2kW, so the cost of electricity for the whole process is less than 1 euro.

Still and the boiler is quickly and securely connected with a Tri-Clamp connection. This type of connection can be easily fastened with one hand, so you do not need the help of a second person. The problem of sealing is also eliminated - the silicone gasket is reusable, so you do not need to use paste or PTFE tape every time - as in the case of threaded connections.

The boiler has an additional inlet and drain with a valve. The diameter of these additional outlets is 3/4", but you can choose larger ones from the drop-down lists at the top of the page. Conveniently empty the set after the process, and refill it without removing the still !

Kit equipment:

  • LM/OVM copper rectification still divided into 3 parts - bottom, top and head with sight glass
  • sight glass made of laboratory borosilicate glass (5mm thickness)
  • still-boiler connection in Tri-Clamp system 
  • copper top condenser
  • OVM condneser including valve and water hose
  • LM precision takeoff valve
  • two LCD 0,1  thermometers
  • insulated 30l boiler with two heaters of 2kW each
  • SPP packing (Henitom brand)
  • silicone gaskets+ set of screws
  • heater power regulator
  • instruction manual (with photos) describing the process step by step

Two thermometers with a resolution to the first decimal point allow you to enjoy full control over the equipment.

The best quality Polish packing (HENITOM SPP- spiral prismatic packing) allows you to achieve the highest quality of your spirit. This is important not only for spirit (above 96% all the time) but also for reducing unwanted fractions when producing aromatic distillates from grains, cereals or fruits, for even better extraction of their flavor.

Thanks to the sight glass, you know exactly what power you need for your operation and you will set it precisely with the regulator.

Yes! The set includes a heater power regulator, which allows you to set the heating power precisely. With a spirit process, this guarantees very fast operation, and with denser batches of grain or fruit, it prevents burning. The regulator has a very large heat sink that effectively dissipates heat, guaranteeing long, trouble-free operation of this component.

RIEGLER's high-precision LM pickup valve allows you to determine the distillate pickup from the head with great accuracy. A thing invaluable for the initial phase of heads and foreshots collection. The more slowly and accurately you collect these lighter fractions, the better distillate you will collect later. With such an accurate valve, it becomes ultra easy! 

Buffer helps maintain high take-off rate through all the process!

599,00 zł

Additional LM condenser for cooling your product f.e. for parrot. 

169,00 zł

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