Craft Aroma

Craft Aroma

Complete gin distillery set w with 120l boiler. 

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Kettle capacity (standard)120l

Price: 8 000,00 zł tax incl.

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The set is complete, ready to start after assembling, and does not require buying or making up components.

The base of the distillery is a cylindrical stianless tank with a capacity of 120l, designed for distilling gin and alcohol from filtered grain and fruit mash. The heating power is fully adjustable in the range of 0-4000W through a power regulator. The tank is equipped with a wide, convenient 4" inlet, a 60mm (2") bottom drain, and a temperature measurement port. The tank sits on three legs. 

Above the tank is a spherical foam disperser, used to protect the column from contamination by foam formed during distillation in the tank. The core of the distillery is a complete copper plate still equipped with 4 sieve plates, connected by Tri-Clamp joints. The column's 4-inch diameter (~110mm) allows for a capacity of up to 6l/h. Wide glass sight glasses (SMS system) allow visual viewing of column operation.

A high-capacity Shotgun-type reflux condenser connects to the end condenser via dedicated copper top arch.

At the top of the still there is an aromatizer is used, which can be filled with botanicals for gin making gin or flavoring spirits with citrus zest, herbs or spices.

The equipment of the distillery is:

120l stainless boiler, equipped with two 2kW heaters (total 4000W), 4" inlet, 2" drain
drain valves and tank caps
spherical copper top
the complete plate still with 4 sieve plates, SMS type sight glasses, Tri-Clamp clamps
shotgun top condenser
end condenser, connecting clamps
gin aromatizer
2x 5m cooling water connection, water manifold with valves

Kit eagerly used for craft micro-distilleries around the world:

Salve Distillery, Italy

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