Craft Evo

Craft Evo

Complete distillery set with 100l oil-jacketed boiler. 

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Kettle capacity (standard)100l oil jacketed boiler

Price: 16 000,00 zł tax incl.

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Complete set, ready to run after assembly, not requiring buying or adding extra elements.

The base of the still set is an oil- jacketed boiler, with a capacity of 100l, intended for the distillation of alcohol from fruit and grain, both cleared and dense. The heating power is fully adjustable in the range of 0-8000W. Heat distribution in the mash is greatly improved by the electric stirrer with speed control. The tank is equipped with a wide, convenient manhole (with the possibility of placing a customs seal), a 60mm (2 ") drain and temperature measurement ports. The thermal conducting oil needed to fill the heating jacket (~ 60l) is included in the kit.

Above the tank there is a spherical copper top (foam dispenser). It protects the plates of the still against foam contamination, which may form during distillation in the boiler.

The core of the distillery is a complete copper plate still equipped with six sieve plates connected by Tri-Clamp connectors. The diameter of the column 4 inches (~ 110mm) allows achieving performance up to 6l per hour. Wide glass sight glasses allow a visual view of the column's operation.

The high-performance Shotgun reflux condenser connects to the top arch, equipped with thermometer sensor. At the other end of the arch there is a Tri-Clamp joint to the end product condenser, which ensures that the received product cools down to ~ 20C. Condenser is equipped with a device for continuous measurement of alcohol strength, so-called parrot.

Keeping clean is ensured by a washing attachment (CIP) located in the top part of the still, allowing for post-process washing without removing the still elements.

Distillery set EVO includes:

  • 100l capacity oil-jacketed boiler in insulation, equipped with four 2kW elements (8000W in total), manhole, 2 "drain
  • electric stirrer with motor and speed controller
  • Shell S2 heating oil (3 barrels, 60l)
  • drain valves and tank caps
  • 4" column base element
  • spherical copper top
  • complete plate still with 6 plates, SMS sight glasses, Tri-Clamp clamps
  • two condensers(shotgun + final), connecting clamps
  • parrot with alcohol meter 70-100%
  • additional alcohol meter 0-100%
  • Tri-Clamp condenser end piece
  • CIP washing attachment
  • LCD precise thermometer with two probes (top and boiler)
  • Heating power regulator
  • 2x 5m cooling water connection
  • water 3-way tee with valves

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