Craft Volar

Craft Volar

Complete distillery set with 300l boiler. 

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Kettle capacity (standard)300l

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 A complete set, ready to run after assembly, does not require additional purchase or additional elements.

The basis of the distillery is a cylindrical stainless tank with a capacity of 300 liters, intended for alcohol distillation from beers, wines, tinctures, filtered fruit and grain mash. The heating power is fully adjustable in the range of 0-12000W through a special distribution box containing spark-free contactors, temperature indicators and a power controller. The tank is equipped with a wide, convenient manhole (with the possibility of customs sealing), a bottom 60mm (2 ") drain and a temperature measurement port. The tank is mounted on three legs. The upper and lower part of the tank are rounded.

Above the tank there is a spherical foam disperser, which protects the column against contamination with foam generated during distillation in the tank. The core of the distillery is a complete copper plate column equipped with 4 sieve plates, connected with Tri-Clamp connectors. The column diameter of 4 inches (~ 110mm) allows for a capacity of 6l / h. Wide glass sight glasses (SMS system) allow a visual preview of the column operation.

The highly efficient, highly efficient Shotgun reflux cooler is connected to the end condenser through dedicated flexible couplings made of copper and stainless steel. Due to the high heating and operating power, the end condenser is a stand-alone element, with a diameter equal to that of the column. With a standard water flow, it is able to collect up to 20kW of heat. The cooler has an stainless base, along with a distillate receiver, from which the distillate can be fed to a parrot, test box, flow meter or distillate container.

Keeping it clean is ensured by a washing attachment (CIP) located at the top of the column, allowing for post-process washing without the need to disassemble the column components.

The distillery is equipped with:

  • tank with a capacity of 300l, equipped with six 2kW heaters (12000W in total), manhole inlet, 2 "drain
  • tank drain valves and plugs
  • spherical foam disperser
  • complete shelf column with 4 sieve plates, SMS type sight glasses, Tri-Clamp clamps
  • shotgun cooler
  • stand-alone end condenser, connecting clamps
  • condenser base
  • distillate receiver with 28mm outlet
  • CIP washing attachment
  • electric connection switch box for heaters
  • 2x 5m cooling water connection, water distributor with valves

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