Craft Alembic

Craft Alembic

Price: 25 000,00 zł tax incl.

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The Craft Alembic micro distillery kit consists of a 120l oil-jacketed Artisan tank and a pot-still with a 108mm deflegmator and a Craft 108mm condenser.

The kit is used for distillation in the production of:

  • whisky
  • calvados
  • fruit spirits
  • brandies
  • grain spirits

and fast-distillation of distillers' crude.

When equipped with an aromatizer, it is suitable for gin distillation.

It allows operation at high power and speed thanks to electric heaters with a total power of 8000W and a very efficient Craft series cooler with a heat exchange surface of >3500cm2.
Continuous measurement of distillate ABV is provided by a parrot, 28mm diameter dynamic aerometer.

The oil-jacketed tank provides the ability to work with very dense batches, and heat distribution in the batch is improved by an electric stirrer located in the tank. For batches with the potential to foam out, a spherical foam disperser is very useful, which prevents the deflegmator from getting dirty and transferring the foam further.

The kit includes:

  • Artisan 120l oil-jacketed tank with wide manhole inlet, bottom drain (2" with valve) and electric stirrer, thermometer and adjustable legs
  • spherical foam disperser
  • deflegmator fi 108mm with thermometer
  • flexible top connector
  • Craft series condenser with a diameter of 108mm
  • receiving shelf with parrot for continuous measurement of distillate strength
  • parrot
  • condenser stand
  • heating oil for the jacket (Shell Heat Transfer Oil S2)

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