Mirror polished jacketed boiler

Mirror polished jacketed boiler

Mirror polished jacketed boiler. 

Price from 13 000,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 13 000,00 zł tax incl.

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Oil jacketed boiler allows you to process even very thick, dense mashes:

  • grain mashes: barley (for whiskey), corn (for bourbon), rye or wheat
  • fruit pulp: plum, apple, pear - without the need for filtering
  • wines/ ciders with fruits without filtration
  • molasses for rum

Boilers are mirror polished, which makes it easier to keep clean and looks fantastic. Each tank is equipped as standard with:

  • wide manhole with cover
  • central joint to a 4-inch diameter column (Tri-Clamp connector)
  • three legs 
  • drain with valve (2 ")

A wide manhole provides comfort - you can easily pour mash directly from the barrel or buckets. It also facilitates washing the tank, you can reach any place inside the tank to clean it after the process.

In order to guarantee the non-sticking of high-density batches, the internal tank is almost completely immersed in the oil jacket, which ensures the distribution of heating power on a huge surface. In addition, an electric agitator can be mounted on the tank! It can stirr the mash during the process all the time, which additionally prevents scorching and improves heat distribution during heating. Thanks to the agitator, the tank can also be used to mash grain or malt (for beer or whiskey/bourbon).

The agitator is mounted on the SMS connector, interchangeably with the sight glass. It is equipped with removable blades, an electric motor with a geared motor and a controller with a rotation selector. The speed of the gearmotor is specially selected so that it does not cause foaming of the mash. When not used, sight glass to view the interior of the tank may be mounted.

The tank is made of bottoms with a thickness of 4mm, the walls of the tanks have 2mm. Both the internal tank and the outer jacket are formed and welded at our workshop, so you can order and type of fillings, drains and holes for heaters.

The tank is especially recommended as a base for a plate still. You can have a real micro-distillery in your own home!

A 100% Polish product, manufactured by us locally - you have the option of any modification of the design. This is not a tank from China!

Oil and equipment visible on the photos (other than specified above) are not part of the offer. Production time depends on selected configuration (14-31 business days).