100l flat-type boiler

225l flat-type boiler

Flat 225l kettle. 

Price from 3 599,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 3 599,00 zł tax incl.

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Flat (total height 47cm with legs) 225l boiler made from AIS 304 stainless steel. Suitable for all of our stills. 

Avaliable options are:

1. Heating options:

    • no heating elements- for those who want to use Jumbo gas burners
    • single heating 2000W element
    • two 2000W elements, total power of 4000W
    • three 2000W elements, total power of 6000W
    • four 2000W elements, total power of 8000W

We use only ULWD (ultra low watt density) heating elements, suitable for heating even thick fluids like wines with fruit, light fruit pulp or lightly- filtred mash without the risk of burning the elements. Power distribution is under 8W per square cm. With every heating elements there is a housing and power cable included. 

2. Additional inlet

    • 2 inch additional inlet 
    • 4 inch additional inlet (~101mm)

Side inlet for filling the tank without the necessity to unmount the still. The thicker fluid you want to fill in, the bigger inlet you should choose. 2 inch inlet is threded, 4 inch inlet is Tri-Clamp style.

3. Kettle drain

  • 1 inch drain
  • 2 inch drain

As well as inlet depends on what you want to boil, the same apllies to the drain- thicker fluids- bigger drain. Ball valve included. 

4. Thermo probe mount

      •  without thermo probe mount
      • additional 1/2" threaded nipple for thermo probe

If you want to use the kettle with plate still, choose additional nipple- you will have ability to use thermometr from the plate column set. 

5. Insulation

      • no insulation
      • rubber insulation

Insulation shortens the heating time, saves energy and looks cool. Black synthetic rubber is very efficcient, and you have anti-scald protection. 

6. Power regulator

    • no power regulator
    • with power regulator

Power regulator allows you to set amount of power delivered by one of heating elements. A must-have if you want to use the kettle with plate still.