Przystawka aromatyzująca

Flavoring/ aromatization add-on


Flavoring/ aromatization add-on for our 54mm pot-still. 

Price: 249,00 zł tax incl.

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Special flavoring/ aromatization add -on for out 54mm pot-still with brass flanges. Could be used for producing gin or absinthe or neutral spirit aromatisation with floral/ fruit parts and oils. Consist of:

  • 64mm copper pipe with copper mesh on the bottom,
  • special anti-clogging system to prevent pressure rise from wet botanics
  • flange gasket
  • mounting screws.

Parrot- a dynamic alcoholometer. 

110,00 zł

Reflux add-on for pot-stills with 4-bolt flanges. 

279,00 zł

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