76mm Pot-still

76mm Pot-still

Data sheet

Column height (without kettle)80cm
Kettle capacity (standard)brak

Price from 1 100,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 1 100,00 zł tax incl.

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The pot-still with a 76mm diameter deflegmator was created with demanding users in mind who seek an efficient tool for conducting the simple distillation process. Our still stands out not only for its high efficiency but also for its excellent craftsmanship and innovative technical solutions.

Our priority was to ensure maximum distillation efficiency with minimal water consumption, which is why we paid particular attention to the still's condenser. Thanks to the highly efficient construction of the condenser, our distiller can handle high heating powers while ensuring low water consumption.

Our 76mm pot-still can serve as both a primary alembic and part of an expanded Thor 76mm column set, making it versatile and flexible in application. If you wish to expand your distillation capabilities and already own a Thor 76mm column, we encourage you to purchase the standalone Pot-Still Attachment 76mm.

This distiller will excel in quickly collecting what's known as the stripp and also in the distillation process of fruit brandy, whisky, or even gin. Depending on the heating power, the output can reach up to 10 liters of distillate per hour.

The triple condenser of the distiller with a 54mm diameter ensures effective cooling of the condensate even at very high heating powers. This ensures that the distillation process will proceed smoothly and without disruptions.

All connections of the distiller, both to the boiler and to the top, have been made using convenient Tri-Clamp clamps, guaranteeing easy and quick assembly and disassembly. Additionally, the distiller is equipped with two quick-connectors for water connection and an electronic LCD thermometer with a port in the top arc, enabling precise monitoring of the distillation process.

Our 76mm pot-still distiller is not just a tool but also a guarantee of excellent results and satisfaction with its use.

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