Sieve plate section

Aroma section- gin basket

4" Aroma section for plate columns

Price from 359,00 zł tax incl.

Configuration price: 359,00 zł tax incl.

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Our 4" Aroma section a.k.a. Gin Basket was designed to fit in with our 4" flute (plate columns) so it can produce gin, flavored vodka, moonshine, and other flavor-infused spirits or essential oils.

To use, simply attach the gin basket between the top sieve plate and the shotgun condenser and add desired items for infusion to the gin basket. Total capacity is about 600ml. Bottom is made of copper mesh designed in a way that protects form uncontrolled pressure rise, so no need to worry that soaked botanicals would block the way. 

You can select the visor glass option (Stainless SMS or our Elite type visor), which can also be used as additional inlet, to put and remove your botanicals without dismantling whole set. 

Our gin basket is videly used in top UK craft gin distilleries!