The terms of warranty, complaints, and returns are precisely described in the Regulations (section III). This page is intended to facilitate technical aspects:

  • warranty and post-warranty repairs,
  • modifications,
  • complaints.

All components of the set are covered by a two-year warranty period. If your equipment requires a visit to our Service, please contact us to arrange the service conditions - send an email, do not call - the service does not provide telephone contact. Write directly to the address:

In case of sending the item to the service or for modification, download the service order:

 Print the request (if you do not have a printer, cut out the request from the User Manual), fill it out, and put it in the package together with the returned item. Note that you leave some fields blank (marked as "Filled by the service"). See the notes at the end regarding the preparation of items - disassembly of sight glass elements, thermometers, heater covers, or valves before shipping. If ignored, a service fee for dismantling these elements will be added.

Items sent without an order (or with an incomplete order) are treated as paid repairs and returned to the address from the waybill from which the package was sent.

Remember to secure the package (cardboard, foil, etc.). Items damaged in transit may be repaired at your expense. Remember to secure fragile elements (tubes, heaters, drais). According to the courier company's regulations, the sender of the package is responsible for its proper protection.

 In the case of paid repairs (post-warranty and modifications), indicate your preferred payment method on the second page of the application (personal pickup/cash on delivery).

 Remember that electronic devices with broken warranty seals or elements with self-made modifications (e.g., cut or changed plugs, custom-made cables, self-soldered components, self-repairs) are not covered by warranty repairs and exclude warranty liability.

 In the case of SKN controllers, which are guaranteed by Bolecki company, we encourage you to contact the appropriate service directly:

 In the case of warranty repairs, you deliver the equipment to the service at your own expense, and we pay for the shipment from us to you (in Poland). In the case of modifications and repairs not covered by the warranty, you bear the costs of shipping in both directions (unless the amount exceeds PLN 500 and you pay by bank transfer - then we cover the return shipment to you in Poland). Courier shipment costs PLN 24.99 with cash on delivery payment.

 We do not accept Poste Restante packages, parcel lockers, or notified parcels (parcel post, from January 1, 2022, is not delivered if it does not fit within the dimensions specified in the regulation - send large packages by courier, not by mail).

The costs of international shipments are determined individually depending on the destination country and the weight of the package.