Komplet enzymów do zacierania

starch conversion enzymes

Price: 25,00 zł tax incl.

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Traditionally, enzymes have been provided by adding malt. However, since quite some time, there has been a change and in many countries malt has been totally replaced from distilling operations by the use of enzymes. There are a lot of advantages using industrial enzymes instead of malt, like small quantities of enzyme addition can replace large quantities of malt, resulting easy handling and storage. 

The set consist of two enzymes:

  1.  alpha amylase: to break down the gelatinised starch to shorter molecules (dextrins).
  2. glucoamylase: to break down the starch molecules and the dextrins. This enzyme is capable of achieving the complete degradation of the starch to fermentable sugars (glucose).

During fermentation, these sugars are converted into alcohol by yeast in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process.

Set of two bottles for up to 50kg of flour (starch). 

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