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SKN full automatic E-ARC

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The SKN automatic controller is designed for process control in LM / VM distillation columns/ reflux stills. Controller allows you to automate your process, by setting each step independently. Main features are: 

• Two 16A 230 / 400V outputs for heating elements (max. 2x 3600W for 230V and 2x 6400W for 400V)

• Control of cooling water solenoid valve (NO relay output)

• Control of  LM solenoid valve (max 12V 1.5A NO / NC)- for heads and foreshots

• Control of  VM motorized valve (12V)- for neutral takeoff

• Four thermometer probes with a resolution of 0.01 ° C

• High contrast LCD graphic display

The unit controls the neutral product collection, cooling water flow and heating power (group power regulation). The controller consists of two units: the control panel with a LCD display mounted on the column and the operational unit mounted on the kettle.  The panel is connected by a plug-in cable, and 4 temperature probes are connected to the panel. The housing of the operational part has a hole for fixing on the heating element.

The device allows you to save process logs to the SD memory card, which also allows you to update the controller software.

The entire distillation process is split for independent steps, which go as follows:


First stage of the process. At this point you can define with what power the heating is going to run, and above what temperature in kettle you want to switch on the cooling water flow. 


Here you can define for how long and what power to use to flood your column. Flooding is necessary to moist the packing and increases number of its theoretical plates. 


This rule sets the power and the stabilization time. During this time the lighter fractions (foreshots, heads) accumulate at the top of the column.


The rule specifies the duration of opening of the heads solenoid valve and collection of the foreshots. 


The rule defines how the main product will be received, the user determines the motorized valve opening, and which sensor (top or bottom of the column) will control the VM valve. The „day temperature”, which should the constant from the beginning of the collection is set by the controller during its operation. Each set temperature rise (adjustable from 0,01) will result in closing the motorized valve for an angle selected by user. From the beginning of this stage, the user can change the opening / closing threshold from the main screen at any time.


Here you can adjust the temperature or time period after which the controller will proceed to the tails collection via LM solenoid valve.


After collecting the tails for adjustable time period, the user defines how long to cool after heater is switched off and how the end of the process is to be detected. This can be adjusted to either time for which the VM valve is closed or exceeding a certain temperature in the kettle, bottom or top of the column.

Each time the process starts in automatic or semiautomatic mode, the driver creates a new .csv file on the memory card to which it will save data. The active state of writing to the card is signaled by the regular flashing of the SD icon on the driver front. This file can be later imported to a spreadsheet for the purpose of running its own process archives.

The SKN controls the valves in an advanced manner to reduce valve overheating during operation. 

The controller is sold without the valves and electrical harness. You receive: the controller panel, the operational part, SD card and 4 thermo DS18B20 probes. Possible additional options to make a fully- operational setup are available at the top of the page, from drop-down lists:

  • Probes - complete with the controller, there are 4 temperature probes. The probes are by default in 6mm metal sleeves, which can optionally be placed in 1/2 "threaded thread with internal or external threads.

  • The LM (heads) solenoid valve- you can choose whether or not to install a heads/tails solenoid valve. There are two variants - 12V brass valve with 1/4 "thread or optionally more expensive KO valve with 1/2" thread. Cable included. 

  • VM motorized valve. 1/2” threaded, brass ball valve with an electric 12V motor. For hearts collection. 

  • Cooling water solenoid salve- you can install it between the water connection (eg. tap) and the water inlet in the column. Cable included.  1/2”, brass, inner thread.

  • Wiring harness. The SKN is built to be easily connected by a unexperienced user, but if you lack technical abilities and do not want to play with 230V, order the controller with fixed wiring. 

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